Cyber Resiliance is a business imperative

Cybercrime no longer lurks in the shadows. Protecting your organisation from the online threat involves a lot more than simply reminding people that there is no fabulously rich Nigerian Prince, desperate to transfer money to your account.

Over the last year, huge names have fallen victim to the cyber criminals: Apple, Google, Facebook. The New York Times was victim to 45 pieces of custom malware – even managing to infect a remotely-controlled thermostat in their corporate apartments.

No one is safe

But it’s not just the big players that have a lot to lose. The internet is awash with criminals – from relative amateurs, such as ‘Anonymous’, acting on political ideals and boredom, to vast gangs (such as those responsible for the world’s largest DDoS last week)  and government-backed cyber terrorism.

Damage limitation

As cybercrime becomes more and more of an ‘occupational hazard’, it’s important that organisations focus some attention to cyber resilience.

Fix your cyber resilience procedures

The IT Governance Cyber Security Self-Assessment Tool allows you to quickly assess your areas of risk, resulting in a simple to digest ‘traffic light’ matrix highlighting areas requiring more attention.

For only 50 euros you can work to international best practice to review your cyber security and start your journey to making yourself secure.