Cyber Essentials: A Pocket Guide review: ‘good guidance’

The Cyber Essentials scheme is a UK Government-backed and industry-supported scheme that helps businesses protect themselves against cyber threats.

Cyber Essentials - A Pocket GuideClaire Agutter, lead tutor at ITSM Zone (, has kindly taken time out of her busy schedule to review one of ITGP’s most popular books, Cyber Essentials: A Pocket Guide.

Cyber threats to organisations are growing every year, with more and more organisations attacked and more and more significant levels of damage.  Recognising this, the UK government established the Cyber Essentials scheme.  The scheme is aimed towards small to medium-sized enterprises, and is mandatory for government suppliers since October 2014.

This pocket guide provides a useful introduction to the scheme, and also provides some common sense, practical guidance for organisations of any size.  Certification to the government’s Cyber Essentials scheme should not be seen as a tick-box exercise to allow organisations to access government contracts – the advice here applies to every organisation and will also be valuable in helping them gain other customers and market advantage.

Being able to demonstrate effective cyber security practices is not just a tick in the box.

This brief book provides good guidance on defining the scope of a cyber security project, and then implementing controls to support this.

It includes simple advice such as auditing of roles and accounts and guidance on passwords, through to looking at firewall set-up and configuration.

The book will be good for organisations wishing to get certified against the Cyber Essentials scheme, but it also lots of practical advice.  Its brief nature makes it very suitable for reminding IT staff about general good practices, and it won’t take too long to read. 

The book includes some useful readiness checklists and guidance on the Cyber Essentials certification process, such as choosing a certification body.

Review by Claire Agutter, lead tutor, ITSM Zone (

Priced at only £3.49, this pocket guide provides an invaluable explanation of Cyber Essentials, making it easy for anyone to understand the scheme and how to meet its requirements. Fully reflecting official advice and written by a CREST-accredited Cyber Essentials certification body, this pocket guide will significantly boost your chance of successful certification.

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