Cyber crime: No one can hide

Whether your company is small, large, public, private, B2B, B2C, city-based, rural, well-known or just starting out, you need to think about your security settings on your assets.

Do you even have any?

We’re talking about putting procedures in place to protect your information, staff, data, etc.  from threats which could cause your business harm.

In reality it doesn’t matter who you are or where your are  – every business is vulnerable from the threat cyber criminals pose. But it is the procedures you have in place and those you follow that determine:

  • How often you will be targetd
  • How likely you will be targeted
  • How much damage will be caused to your business
  • How quickly you will recover from an attack

Large companies usually recognise this, and perhaps have the means to do something about it. SMEs on the other hand tend to assume they are below the ‘cyber crime radar’ and therefore cannot be found. This is simply not true.

Recent reports have revealed:

  • One in ten SMEs have suffered from a data hack
  • There has been a rise in attacks on SME brands
  • Hackers are looking to exploit any kind of relationship bewtween a consumer and an enterprise

Whatever the size of your business, your industry, your sector or your location – you need to take action from the threats posed by cyber criminals.

‘If you think safety is expensive, try having an accident.’

Those businesses that suffer a data breach (large or small) will be hit with fines, brand damage and most likely a loss in customers.

Over the past year, the ICO has increased the amount and frequency of the  fines it hands out, with 15 fines totalling £1.8m imposed over the past year (compared to £431,000 in 2011).

To protect your business from becoming a victim of cyber crime, implement ISO 27001, the international information security standard.

This standard will ensure your business aligns with international best practices that secure your assets to the highest possible standard. You can purchase a copy of the standard here.

There are other books and tools available to help you on your way to ISO 27001 certification.

Remember: no one can hide from cyber crime, but those that  put measures in place to protect themselves are the ones that can rest easier at night.