Cyber crime cost UK businesses £205 million in lost revenue in 2012

According to a report in the news, cyber crime costs have hit £205million a year. Victims include wealthy retired people and on-line retailers.

Are your on-line activities safe? According to Commissioner Adrian Leppard head of the City of London Police, in commenting on the war on cyber crime he said “We are not winning. I do not think we are winning globally, and I think this nature of crime is rising exponentially.” He went on to add that half of all fraud in Britain, which costs the country £70 billion a year, is conducted online.

Mr Leppard warned that a quarter of the 800 specialist internet crime officers could be axed as spending is cut. “This is a very worrying criminal trend. The real worry is that, at a time when fraud and e-crime is going up, the capability of the country is going down.”

You can take measures to prevent being a victim. Implementing best practise such as ISO 27001 Information Security or ISO 27031 ICT Readiness for Business Continuity can help you prepare for and counter cyber crime and fraud.

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