Cyber-attacks – Do more or lose more

Do more or lose more – that’s the message we’re getting from a group of MPs as they tell our military defences that they could be at risk from cyber-attacks. (Source: BBC Newsbeat)

All it would take is a single attack to bring down entire combat units such as aircraft and warships.

However, ministers deny that they have been complacent over the issue of cybersecurity, with plans to spend £650 million over the next four years on fighting these types of threats.

But is budget all you need to protect yourself from a cyber-attack? No, of course not – even the smallest of businesses can adequately protect themselves.

With a growing need for businesses to protect themselves from cyber-attacks, there are requirements for more young, talented people working in the cybersecurity industry.

Qualifications can be gained in ISO 27001, Cybersecurity and Information Security.

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