Cyber attacks are a serious, very real and growing threat – CIOs claim

The recent CIO Survey 2015, published by Harvey Nash in collaboration with KPMG, gives a quick overview of the evolving role of the CIO. I say ‘evolving’ because the industry is changing rapidly, and being able to tackle these changes is one of the top priorities that CIOs face.

The report highlights concerns raised by CIOs about cyber attacks – they are now seen as:

  • SERIOUS threats – nine in ten CIOs acknowledged that a cyber attack can “damage the operations and positive brand image of the company”;
  • VERY REAL threats – one in four CIOs claimed to have reported a malicious incident in the past year;
  • GROWING threats – one in four CIOs said they are “very well” prepared for a serious threat.

The acknowledgement of the real threat posed by cyber criminals, coupled with almost daily news about cyber attacks and data breaches, is urging CIOs to take immediate action – which has resulted in a 44% increase in the IT budget. But here comes the problem: despite the extra cash, they are having hard time finding skilled people.

Improve cyber security with the help of experts

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