Cyber attack predictions for the festive season

While people are ready for Christmas shopping, fraudsters are warming up to get the most out of the busiest – and most advantageous – time of the year. According to ThreatMetrix “over 20 million cyber attacks are expected to target online retailers and shoppers in the UK alone”.

Based on analysis of the last quarter of 2015, the security company was able to draw predictions for the upcoming festive season:

  • 50 million global online attacks are predicted to hit online retailers over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday week;
  • Big retailers expect to see transactions peak – up to 10 times the daily average on key shopping days;
  • 50% of transactions are expected to come from mobile;
  • Strong transaction volume is predicted to come from logins and digital wallets where payment credentials have been previously stored, as customers are keen to make fast transactions;
  • Attacks are predicted to focus on items valued 70% higher than the average transaction.

Call for online retailers

Online retailers, are your websites able to resist such a high volume of cyber attacks? What measures are you implementing to keep your site secure?

Think like a fraudster to secure your company

If you were in the cyber criminals’ shoes, how would you hit your company? Which weaknesses would you exploit to break in? Thinking like a fraudster can help you understand your company’s weaknesses and find solutions to improve your security posture. Hire a penetration tester to do the job for you: they can conduct manual and automated scans based on a careful analysis of your company’s website and system to uncover your company’s vulnerabilities.

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