Cut bank fees and avoid double fines, learn how with this combination compliance course

Banks are charging higher fees by default to merchants that have not proved compliance with the payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS). You could be paying much more than you need to – FACT!

In addition to these extra charges, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), has made it absolutely clear that organisation found to be non-compliant with PCI DSS, and having suffered a data breach, will be deemed non-compliant with the data protection act (DPA) and will be fined up to £500,000. Double penalties are a very real risk, as well as reputation damage and diminished customer loyalty!

Tackle both compliance challenges together for just £600!!!

DPA and PCI Foundation Combination Course DPA and PCI Foundation Combination Course
13-14 December 2011 in London

RRP: £935.00
Price: £600
You Save: £335.00

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Tackle both compliance challenges together, once and for all, this December …

This December we are holding our best selling DPA and PCI foundation courses back-to-back to allow organisations, such as yours, to get to grips with these important compliance issues.

If you book these courses separately, the cost would be £935. This combination course allows you to book for just £600, saving you £335 in the process!

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