Cryptolocker victims to get files back for free

Victims of the well-known Cryptolocker ransomware finally have some good news. Security researchers have got hold of a copy of the Cryptolocker victim database as well as the key needed to unscramble files – providing victims with all they need to get their files back without paying one bitcoin.

“This time we basically got lucky,” said Michael Sandee, principal analyst at Fox-IT,  one of the security firms that helped tackle the cyber criminals behind Cryptolocker.

An online portal is now available for Cryptolocker’s 500,000 victims to use. All that’s required is an email address and one of your encrypted files. You’ll then be emailed everything you need to decrypt your files.

It’s predicted that this service will be extremely popular – analysis of the database indicates that only 1.3% of the people hit by the malware paid the ransom.