Cost of phishing estimated to be $3.7million

According to research conducted by Ponemon Institute, the potential annual cost to a company in the event of a successful phishing attack is around $3.7 million. That’s an astonishing number! What’s really surprising, though, is that 48% relates to costs from loss of employee productivity. This means that your employees’ misconduct has a much greater impact on your potential loss than you think.

It just takes a single click

You can have the best technology in place to prevent or mitigate a phishing attack, but the ultimate bulwark of your defence is your staff, and that can be difficult to control. It takes just one person opening a phishing email and clicking on a malicious link to put your entire network and company at risk.

Staff conduct is the balance between success and failure

By training your staff to identify phishing scams (especially spear phishing attacks that seem to be on the rise recently) you will benefit from money and time savings, a clean reputation and an improved staff mood. As a matter of fact, being able to detect a potential malicious email and act promptly makes your staff feel important and active in the fight against cyber crime. And who doesn’t want to feel like a superstar?

Don’t let your staff swallow the bait

With our Phishing Staff Awareness course, your staff will understand how phishing attacks work, what tactics and techniques cyber criminals employ, and how to spot and avoid phishing campaigns. At the end of the course, they will be able to test their acquired knowledge through a 16-question multiple-choice test.

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