Consumers’ growing concern about cyber attacks

A recent report conducted by KPMG in association with Be Cyber Streetwise highlighted consumers’ increasing concern for cyber security. 64% of those interviewed think cyber attacks will increase. Stories about cyber attacks and data breaches make the headlines almost every day and, combined with similar stories from family and friends, have led to 9 in 10 consumers experiencing growing anxiety. As a result, 83% of consumers are highly concerned about who has access to their sensitive data and whether it is securely stored.

Increasing pressure on SMEs

This growing anxiety has a direct impact on companies, especially SMEs: 58% of consumers say that knowing a company has been breached would discourage them from dealing with it – but what do SMEs think about this? While they are aware of that, only 46% of them think they will lose customers following a data breach.

Cyber Essentials, the economical solution

Are SMEs able to reassure customers and suppliers that they are proactive in preventing cyber attacks? How can they prove customers’ personal data is safe? The UK Government has developed the Cyber Essentials scheme, which it claims could prevent around 80% of cyber attacks with five security controls. It’s the best solution for SMEs because achieving certification means:

  • They have security measures in place to prevent cyber attacks;
  • They can reassure consumers and stakeholders that their data is safe;
  • They can demonstrate to customers that they are dedicated to securing the supply chain;
  • They are a step ahead of their competitors when it comes to cyber security.

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