Comprehensive ITILv3 Package for IT & Business Alignment

In today’s tough economic environment, IT best practice is even more important – more efficient use of IT resources and better IT-business alignment are essential to corporate survival and success.

ITILv3 is the world-wide best-selling IT management framework. Backed by 20 years of development and more than 120,000 practitioners worldwide, ITILv3 IS the most widely deployed and followed IT best practice methodology available.

If you are implementing ITIL best practice within your organization and want to purchase the complete set of the five core publications plus The Official Introduction to the ITIL Service Lifecycle, the unique Complete Library Plus is available:

ITILv3 Complete Library Plus
Included in the set are:

Purchasing the ITILv3 Complete Library Plus in a single purchase will save you $170.05 over purchasing the titles individually and is available in the following formats:

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