Comply with ISO 27001 and reap the benefits

ISO 27001 is the international best practise for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). Complying with the new Indian data privacy law is a must for all organisations that collect sensitive information. Organisations that become ISO 27001 certified, are deemed to be in full compliance with this law. Following the requirements of this standard will not only help you meet the obligations of the new Indian data privacy law, but will also protect your business against cyber threats and receive return on investments.

Comply with ISO 27001 by using the ISO 27001 (ISO/IEC 27001) ISMS Requirements. These can be employed by all types of organisations and ensures the selection of adequate and proportionate security controls that protect information assets and give confidence to interested parties.

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ISO 27001 (ISO/IEC 27001) ISMS Requirements (Download) ISO 27001 (ISO/IEC 27001) ISMS Requirements (Download)
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What is ISO 27002?

ISO 27002 establishes guidelines and general principles for initiating, implementing, maintaining, and improving information security management in an organisation. ISO 27002 is a code of practice for information security, outlining potential controls and mechanisms which may be implemented subject to the guidance provided in ISO 27001.

This code of practice supports the implementation of ISO 27001 and helps organisations comply with new Data Privacy Regulations.

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ISO 27002 (ISO/IEC 27002) Code of Practice for ISM (Download)