Complete PCI Wizard and e-commerce compliance package

Do you want a simple, low-cost, self-help online route to compliance?

The Complete PCI Wizard and e-commerce compliance package has been created to give you an easy, low-cost solution – only £200 – to quickly and easily evaluate your PCI compliance requirements, to complete your Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) online and includes the first year of required quarterly scans!

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What is the Complete PCI Wizard and e-commerce package?

This unique package consists of the PCI SAQ Wizard and one year of PCI ASV Scans for a single web address (URL).


  1. To ensure that you will be allowed to continue offering your customers the option paying by credit/debit card.
  2. To provide your customers with confidence that their credit card details are secure and that dealing with you is safe for them.
  3. To become PCI DSS compliant as required by the major credit card providers – and your bank.
  4. To avoid the penalties and fines that will be imposed by your bank if you are not PCI DSS compliant.
  5. To avoid the very large fines (possibly up to £50,000) in the event of a successful attack on your system resulting in the loss of confidential card holder data.
  6. The Complete PCI Wizard and e-commerce package will simplify your route to compliance, giving you everything you need and will save you money (one day of a consultant’s time will cost you at least £800!) If your company is a Merchant (Level 2, 3, and 4) you must self-evaluate by completing the PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and, on your own, it’s not that easy. With our PCI SAQ Wizard, you’ll be able to cope!

If you are an e-commerce merchant with a relatively simple set up, looking for a simple, practical, online route to PCI compliance, you need look no further – this is it.

Buy online for only £200 today >>