Combat Cyber Threats: Implement ISO 27001 and create an effective ISMS!

Following the high profile rise of mass-hacking incidents in 2011 – Sony for example – ‘Cyber Attack’ could be the largest threat to your business this year.

It is a mandatory requirement for UK public sector organisation to inform the Information Commissioner’s Office of a data breach. The same legislation is not ‘currently’ enforced in the UK private sector (although it is in certain states in North America).

This notification law is actually irrelevant as hacking groups, such as ‘Annonymous’, tend to let the cat out of the bag (usually via Twitter), to announce a successful hack, sometimes before the victim organisation are aware themselves!

Gone are the days that you could brush your insecurities under the carpet.

As soon as a cyber attack is announced on Twitter, the media will ensure your customers are aware. As soon as your customers are aware, they will cut-and-run. There’s no such thing as brand loyalty when people’s personal information is at risk. The result of this negative publicity can end up with your share price tumbling (again, look at Sony), which will no-doubt result in members of the board resigning before they are fired.

Your focus need to be on protecting your business from cyber attack.
The best way to do this is to align your information security management system to ISO 27001 – the world’s only recognised cyber security management system standard.

Use the ISO27001 Cyber Security Toolkit to implement ISO 27001, create an effective ISMS and combat cyber threats!

ISO27001 Cyber Security Toolkit ISO27001 Cyber Security Toolkit
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This toolkit provides all the tools and resources you need to implement your own cyber security project and align your business with ISO 27001, the world’s only cyber security standard.

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