COBIT 5 process assessments

It was with the launch of COBIT 4.1 that ISACA first included a method for process capability assessments in the framework as an alternative to the capability maturity model (CMM) approach. These assessments were based on the ISO/IEC 15504 international process assessment standard and were referred to as the COBIT Assessment Programme.

With the launch of COBIT 5, the CMM approach has been dropped altogether. Instead a new process assessment approach based on ISO/IEC 15504-2 has replaced it.  This new process assessment approach is based on the COBIT Assessment Programme that was included in COBIT 4.1, but improves and enhances it.

The new approach in COBIT 5 is considered to be more robust, reliable and repeatable. It is also possible to undertake less rigorous self-assessments for gap analysis and process improvement initiatives.

Formal training courses are now available from training providers if you would like to become a COBIT 5 Assessor. More information on this is available from the IT Governance website.

The COBIT Assessment Programme may, in future, allow organisations to obtain independent certified assessments aligned with the ISO/IEC 15504-2 standard.

The formal launch of the COBIT Assessment Programme was in January 2013.

ISACA provide materials to support this new assessment approach including:

COBIT Assessor Guide Using COBIT 5

COBIT Process Assessment Model (PAM) – Using COBIT 5

COBIT Self-Assessment Guide – Using COBIT 5

Learn more about COBIT here.


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