COBIT 5 for cyber security: want to know more?

COBIT® 5 is often seen as merely a business framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT, but what some don’t realise is that it can be used to address the growing threat from cyber crime.

It provides a means to address cyber security in a systematic way and to integrate it with an overall approach to security governance, risk management and compliance.  Furthermore, it has now been included in the new US Cybersecurity Framework, which maps to COBIT 5.

With the release of COBIT 5, ISACA recognised the need for clear guidance on how information and cyber security issues could be addressed using the framework. This leverages the core principles at the heart of the framework and the relevant enablers to deliver a holistic approach to information and cyber security.

ISACA provides guidance on the topic of employing COBIT 5 to address cyber security in COBIT 5 for Information Security and Transforming Cybersecurity Using COBIT 5.

Find out more from Sarb Sembhi of ISACA

To find out more about how COBIT 5 can be leveraged to help you address the cyber crime menace, attend the ISO 27001:2013 and PCI DSS V3 – new Standards in the Global Cyber War event in London on 8 May.

Sarb Sembhi of ISACA London will be giving a talk at the event on how COBIT 5 can be used to address cyber threats.