Coaching for High Performance

By avid itSMF USA member, Angelica King reviews Coaching for High Performance.

Would any of us strive to have a low-performing team? A low-performing organization? Who wants to sign up for adequate performance? In reality most of us want to be a member of a high-performing team and a high-performing organization. Even better, many of us want to lead high-performing teams. The good news is by utilizing coaching skills in the work environment we can cultivate high performance in our employees, our teams and our organization.

Coaching for High Performance by Sarah Cook provides a brief overview of how to use coaching to develop excellent performance. As the reader, I saw this book naturally divide into three sections: an overview of coaching, the skills, styles and models; tools for engaging between coach and someone being coached; and considerations for establishing a coaching program.

The ‘coaching overview’ starts simply with describing what is and is not coaching. Cook goes on to introduce some key skills for being a coach. This chapter also includes a self-assessment to evaluate oneself as a coach. Additionally, she introduced several models of coaching such as the STAR and GROW models.

Once coaching models are outlined, Cook introduces a number of skills to be used in coaching sessions. These include giving feedback and setting coaching contracts or goals. There are also chapters on listening and questioning and generating options. I found the checklists and example question sets useful to validate my understanding of the content and to immediately use when in a coaching situation. These tools can be good references when starting a coaching engagement or when you need to improve your current coaching experience.

Cook finishes with a synopsis of questions and thoughts to consider when establishing a coaching program within your organization. This is a tool to be utilized in the journey of coaching your team toward high performance.

If you are new to coaching, you can utilize this book as a quick starter for understanding the basics of coaching. If you have some experience coaching and want to improve, you can leverage the skills sections to increase your performance. Either way it is worth a quick read to continue the journey toward exceptional performance.

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