Cloud Power – Indian companies in their reach for the clouds

‘Behind every cloud is another cloud’ (Judy Garland)

Judy’s Garland quote could be understood as a slightly dark vision of life. However, in the age of new technologies and ubiquitous Cloud Computing, her statement receives a completely new meaning.

Indian public Cloud Computing has been taken to another level. “Cloud Computing is witnessing widespread interest from the vendor-service provider-channel community on the one hand, and business leaders and chief information officers on the other. This is fuelled by the strong belief that Cloud Computing will allow a large number of small and medium enterprises to adopt the same enterprise class software and technology solutions, which were earlier the exclusive preserve of large enterprises. This, in turn is expected to allow the market for software solutions to open up as large, upfront capital investments in IT infrastructure can be converted into smaller, manageable ‘pay-per-use’ annuity payments,” said Kamal Vohra, lead analyst, India Software and IT Services Research, CyberMedia Research.

The platform is estimated to reach Rs 2,434 crore by 2014 after growing at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 53% between 2010 – 2014, CyberMedia Research reports. During the same period, the global revenues from cloud services will increase from $29 billion to over $70 billion. Assuming the revenue from Cloud Computing grows at an annual growth rate of 56%, the estimated revenue rate will hit $3.164 billion by 2015.

Industry experts explain the bulk of this revenue will come from SMEs (small and medium enterprises), “SMEs and individual users will drive cloud growth in the coming years,” said Vikas Gupta, vice president, technology at Tech Mahindra. “Large enterprises still have security concerns with cloud computing.” 

What are the Cloud Computing disadvantages?

Drawing on Vikas’ Gupta statement, the main disadvantages are:

  • security
  • loss of control
  • unstable cost structure
  • potentially decreased business flexibility
  • integration problems

What can be done about it?

An adaptive architecture, including a new business model must be developed to retrieve business value.

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