CISM – What’s in it for me?

Why do we study for professional qualifications? Let’s be honest, it’s probably for one of the following reasons:

  1. Earning more money
  2. Securing a new job or a higher position in your existing organisation
  3. Increasing your knowledge so that tasks can be done more efficiently and effectively

So with these reasons in mind, which qualification is the most suitable in the world of information security?

It would seem CISM fits the bill. Firstly those with the CISM qualification have been found to be the highest earners in the IT industry on average for two years in a row, according to Crisp360.

Secondly, Crisp360 noted that CISM is proving to be one of the top IT security certifications people are turning to in order to secure a new job or promotion.

And finally, the CISM qualification is for experienced information security professionals. Its aim is to recognise your experience in the field of information security management and increase your knowledge of the field, leading you to more efficient and effective in the jobs.

So, with CISM meeting all these points it would seem to be the essential qualification for anyone looking to get on in their information security career. CISM exams take place three times every year – in June, September and December. The deadline for booking to take the CISM exam in June 2013 has been extended until Tuesday 23 April.

Book your exam and study using the official manuals from ISACA – which can be purchased in the CISM Exam Passport .

Book your exam, buy your CISM manuals and you are on your way!