Christmas is busy for cyber criminals too

With the festive season fast approaching and fewer people in the office, company resources can be stretched. Those at work are under pressure to tie up loose ends and close those last-minute deals before the end of the year break. Ultimately their guards are down, which means that their organisations are more vulnerable to attacks.With the pressure building, staff may be less inclined to check whether an email is from a legitimate source. They may be trying to buy their final presents online, and the deal in the email they’ve just received may seem too good to miss. “If I’m quick, no one will notice”, “It’s only a couple of clicks”, “What could possibly go wrong?”. Those clicks can be damaging.

With employees’ thoughts elsewhere, and emails constantly being received, it only takes one unsuspecting click to give away login credentials, or download malware or viruses that could take your whole system down at the busiest time of the year. It doesn’t bear thinking about does it? This is when cyber criminals thrive. Do your employees know what to look out for? Do they know how to respond to a suspected phishing email? Do they know what to do should they make that fatal click? Who do they inform? Can your organisation cope with an attack?

You’ve still got time to protect your organisation, but you need to get on with it.

What can you do?

You need to make staff aware of the dangers. You can do this quickly and cost effectively by enrolling them on our Phishing Staff Awareness Course. Employees are shown how to identify and understand phishing scams, advised what would happen should they fall victim, and shown how they can mitigate the threat of an attack. Phishing presents as much danger to businesses as it does individuals.

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Remember: Christmas is busy for cyber criminals too.