Chief Cost Cutting Officer – Your Company Needs You!

Having undertaken a major cost cutting initiative myself recently within IT Governance, I was wondering what a book on cost cutting could actually tell me. So I decided to spend some time reading a book that had at least an interesting title, in this case Cut Costs Not Corners .

On reading the book I was surprised at how many aspects of cost cutting there were that I hadn’t even considered. Many people will be familiar with a lot of the traditional methods for cost cutting, so there’s no need for me to go into them here. They make up about 20-30% of the book, the rest is dedicated to innovative, new ways to cut costs within organisations.

The book’s main focus is on the role of the chief cost cutting officer (CCCO) as the person responsible for a continuous cost-cutting programme. Having covered the role that the CCCO should play in a cost-cutting programme i.e. the lead role, the book then moves on to provide practical steps that CCCOs in any organisation can take to cut costs whilst not cutting corners.

Cutting costs needn’t mean compromising on quality, and this is one of the key messages the author gets across in the book. He also shows how cutting costs should be a continuous process, not just something done in a recession.

There are two things for sure, chief cost cutting officers, your company needs you and you need this book