Charity loses memory stick containing unencrypted patient data

Praxis Care charity  lost a memory stick in August 2011,  containing  confidential data of 160 different people. The data that was held on the unencrypted stick contained personal information such as their mental health and care records.

Since losing the memory stick and coming under the wrath of the ICO for suffering the data breach, Praxis Care is now committed to improving its data protection standards.

Christopher Graham, the information commissioner, said: “Carrying people’s personal information around on an unencrypted memory stick is clearly unacceptable.”

To avoid a situation like the above, companies need to use a secure USB sitck with hardware encryption.

SafeXs is a secure USB stick with AES 256 bit hardware encryption and is FIPS 197-certified. Over 1 million of these sticks are now in use by the NHS, helping to keep patient data and other confidential data secure.

Simply plug in a SafeXs and within minutes you can be up and running. All you need do is set a password and any data placed on the SafeXs is encrypted.

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