CCTV and the DPA: Make sure you’ve got everything covered

When we think about the DPA, we normally relate it to customer’s names, passwords and email addresses. But did you know the DPA covers a whole lot more than that? If you operate CCTV in your business, you need to make sure it complies to the DPA too:

  • Let people know you are using CCTV by visible and readable signs
  • CCTV should only be used in exceptional circumstances in areas where you normally expect privacy
  • Conversations between members of the public should not be recorded

(Source: ICO)

Along with CCTV, you need to make sure your business is DPA compliant with customer’s personal information including health records and other private information.

The DPA is designed to ensure that any personal information you hold about your customers is properly managed and secure. Guarantee this by using the Complete Data Protection Toolkit which contains all the tools you need for doing it yourself.

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This toolkit contains:

  • DPA Compliance Assessment Tool;
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  • How to Survive a Data Breach – Pocket Guide; &
  • Data Protection Awareness Posters.

Ensure that any personal information you hold is managed and secured properly with this toolkit.

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