Careless at work and vigilant at home – is that your staff?

Consider this scenario: you are the IT manager of an SME based in the UK and your company provides B2C professional services. You are keen on promoting information security best practices throughout your organisation and educating new hires about the importance of using strong passwords, being safe online, and so on. You think that’s enough, because people have common sense, know what’s right and what’s wrong, and put the company’s wellbeing first.

You are wrong

A recent survey commissioned by Citrix has revealed that, despite around 40% of UK workers using passwords to protect personal documents, only 30% do so for work documents. Furthermore, while 68% destroy personal files before putting them in the bin, only 40% do that for business documents.

Who cares? We have a security system

People don’t protect their documents at work because they expect their company to have a security system to protect and secure documentation and information, and they don’t have that at home for their personal matters. That’s why people are not 100% vigilant and don’t take extreme care when handling sensitive information: they know someone else will take care of it.

It’s all about ongoing training

As an IT manager, all you can do is try to change behaviours, or, at least, influence them. That will be a great challenge, but with an ongoing training programme based on facts, figures, real-world scenarios and best practice, you will help your staff understand the risks they can open the company to.

E-learning staff awareness programme: a host of benefits

With IT Governance’s Staff Awareness e-learning courses, you can train your staff whenever you want and wherever they are. You don’t have constraints on the time, location and size of classes, and you can save money you might otherwise have to spend on travel and accommodation. Your staff will learn at their own pace, whenever they want, so you won’t suffer from massive business disruption. Furthermore, all courses are sold on an annual licence basis, which means that you can benefit from any update IT Governance provides.

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