Can PCI compliance act as a business enabler through the Olympics?

Every organisation that stores, transmits or processes card holder data must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which is enforced by the ‘acquiring bank’ through whom you have your merchant account.

But do you know what level merchant you are? Or which Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) you have to fill in? Do you need guidance on where to start and what to do? Do you want a cost-effective, straightforward approach to this challenge?

How will the London Olympics effect you? Will your transaction volume increase significantly enough to justify a higher merchant level? Can PCI compliance act as a business enabler?

PCI Foundation Training Course PCI Foundation Training Course
27 January 2012 in London

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This 1-day, information-packed course, based on the new PCI DSS standard, gives you everything you need to know for PCI compliance.

If you have any responsibility for, or involvement in, your organisation’s PCI DSS compliance activities, or if you’re in information security management, you need to attend this masterclass. It is the essential step that takes you from uncertainty to clarity about all the key steps in preparing for and achieving compliance with the PCI DSS first time.

Attend the PCI Foundation course and gear-up for a compliant and hassle free Olympics!