Business Transformation Toolkit Offer Ends Friday

Until Friday the new Managing Business Transformation Toolkit includes a free copy of Managing Business Transformation: A Practical Guide.

Written by Business Transformation expert Melanie Franklin this book will guide you through all the stages of change management. More importantly it will help you identify the changes that will benefit your business, and then show you how to implement them.

The Business Transformation Toolkit is the perfect partner to this book as it provides all of the tools, resources and guidance to actually implement change effectively within your organization.

This offer is only available until Friday 31st August

Social Media Governance Toolkit Business Transformation Toolkit
With free implementation guide

Price: $495.00

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This toolkit and implementation guide bundle will enable you to:

  • Plan and prepare for change, identify the objectives of the change wanting to be made, communicate it and manage the impact of the change.
  • Implement change, building an effective change team.
  • Embed the change, delivering business benefit and making the transition with no disturbance.

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