Business continuity management system – is yours up to scratch this December?

December is the busiest time of the year for many organisations, offering them the opportunity to maximise revenue and grow their client-base. At the same time, it’s the month during which vendors are likely to be exposed to a larger number of threats and business disruptions caused by cyber-crime, information security breaches, extreme weather, transport problems and others. Even if you are not affected by these threats, your suppliers may be – this will inevitably have an impact on you and your business continuity.

So if you haven’t yet identified all of the threats you and your suppliers will face this holiday season and how to address them, it’s time to act.

Business owners and senior managers are aware of the importance of business continuity for maintaining a competitive and sustainable business. It is equally important to understand that effective business continuity can only be achieved through a systematic management approach.

The publication of the international business continuity management standard ISO 22301 has provided a universal best practice standard which can serve all organisations.

Many organisations have implemented a business continuity management system which is in line with ISO 22301 according to the Quality control of business continuity plans and systems survey by Continuity Central.

ISO 22301 is an excellent choice for the implementation of a business continuity management system because it is the only standard which defines not only the building blocks for business continuity, but also the management system that controls it; it is also the only certifiable business continuity standard.

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