Business continuity and disaster recovery plan – have you got it?

The business world has changed significantly in the past few years with organisations undergoing huge technical and non-technical transformations. More and more businesses are operating on a 24/7 global basis which allows their customers more flexibility and better customer experience.

The advancement and easy availability of new and useful technologies have enabled hundreds of organisations implement and use them extensively for their day-to-day functions. It’s become almost impossible to run any modern organisation without the use of some computer or telecom-related technology. For instance, every modern organisation will require several computers, databases, Internet access, e-mail, web-hosting, telephones, etc. for running of their business. Companies reach for all these technologies to store their corporate information and perform important business operations.

Do you know what you would do if the technology failed or when other natural or man-made disaster stroke?

Be prepared! Start planning!

‘It is only when they go wrong that the machines remind you how powerful they are.’

Clive James


With every development there come some threats. No organisation is immune to risks, but preventing, minimising and avoiding disasters of all kinds (both natural and man-made) have become extremely important to every business today. Loosing important data, when the disaster strikes, can be critical for business and can cause irreversible damage.

With such a big dependence on technology, important questions facing business managers today are:

‘How can you handle predictable disasters striking your business?’

‘Who are the best persons to protect your business?’

‘What sort of qualifications and mindset does one need to work in a disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) department?’

Business continuity management is the key

Business continuity management (BCM) is a management process that identifies potential impacts that threaten an organisation, and provides a framework for building resilience and the capability for an effective response which safeguards the interest of its key stakeholders, reputation, brand and value-creating activities.

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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, Second Edition

Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity Second Edition Key features:

  • Straightforward and no-nonsense guide to DR and BC.
  • Written in question and answer format allowing the reader to easily comprehend the subject matter.
  • Updated and revised to reflect the latest changes in DR and BC best-practice and the release of BS 25999.
  • Ideal for those looking to implement a DR and/or BC system within an organisation.

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The book has been written by Thejendra BS. An internationally experienced IT manager based in Bangalore, India, Thejendra BS has over 17 years’ experience of technology roles including Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Continuity Planning, asset management, IT security and IT project implementation.

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