Building cyber security knowledge, skills and capability

Building cyber security knowledge, skills and capability is one of four key objectives outlined the UK Cyber Security Strategy. First launched in 2011, this government strategy was re-visited by Chloe Smith the Minister for Political and Constitutional Reform in her recent key note speech at Infosec 2013.

The Minister’s speech included reference to new initiatives designed to boost cyber security skills in the workforce. These include the establishment of Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security in 11 UK Universities and improving coverage of cyber security skills at GCSE and A-Level.

A boost in skills is necessary to meet the anticipated demand for appropriately qualified professionals in the growing cyber security sector – growth which the government is very keen to ‘encourage and nurture’.

Build your knowledge, skills and capability

With the future looking rather rosy for employment opportunities in the cyber security sector, it’s a great time to think about building your own knowledge, skills and capability in this area.

As the first organisation to develop a full programme of certificated ISO 27001 education, IT Governance is well-placed to help you develop your cyber security management skills.

Our ISO 27001 training courses also provide opportunities to gain industry-standard IBITGQ qualifications. With these on your C.V. you’ll be in a great position for grabbing the best career opportunities in this growing sector.

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