Building a High-performance Team

itSMF USA member, Angelica King, has kindly reviewed ‘Buidling a High-Performance Team‘.  

“How many years have you been participating in teams? Oftentimes teamwork is required starting as early as elementary school and childhood.

To how many teams are you currently a member? Many of us are on teams at work, on committees or sports teams. 

Think about the teams that have been high-performing. Which teams have really struggled? Which have worked well? Regardless of whether you are currently a part of a high-performing team or one that is struggling, there are benefits to learning how to increase the effectiveness of your team.

You can start this cycle of improvement by picking up the book Building a High-performance Team by Sarah Cook. This book provides a practical overview of several, efficient and practical ways to improve teams. Cook outlines characteristics of high-performance teams and the stages of team development. She then provides concepts that can be immediately applied such as the identification of team roles, creating a team vision statement, effective team meetings and managing through conflict.

In my opinion, the best part of this book is the ease of use. Each chapter outlines a team concept, the author then describes a tool or approach for improving that concept in your team. For example, when discussing team meetings Cook provides examples of questions to ask to define the reason for a meeting and ideas for generating participation in team meetings. These are very practical tools that any team member could put into use to improve their teams. The structure of practical tools combined with a team development topic also allows the reader to apply this book to particular challenges. If there are team challenges in dealing with conflict, the reader can focus on that chapter.

This book is ideal for anyone looking to improve a team. This includes those of us who need to make incremental improvements and those facing larger challenges. The book can be read quickly and applied immediately. ”

This book is available to buy from our International, European, American, Asia Pacific and itSMF USA websites.