BugBox – PRINCE2 Software for Project Teams

Many of you have already downloaded our BugBox PRINCE2® Software for Project Teams demo. I hope this trial helped you understand how BugBox works!

A quick recap: BugBox is simple, robust, and effective PRINCE2 software for project teams and managers. It helps you track issues and manage tasks through a simple workflow. Not only is BugBox simple to use, but it follows normal project management processes.

BugBox is accredited as PRINCE2 software by the APM Group. PRINCE2 is a logical, flexible and simple project management methodology invented by the UK Government and now used by many organisations throughout the world. The APM Group manages the PRINCE2 method on behalf of the UK Government. Since launch in 2001, BugBox users now number in the thousands globally.

Use BugBox to look after the issues for you.

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See what one of our customers says:

“This is a great product! It dispenses with the unnecessary bits that you normally find in a management logging and control tool and helps you focus on the real objectives of Project Management – controlling ownership and fixing issues!

Highly recommended, as it actually does what it says on the box.”T Travlos


BugBox – PRINCE2 Software for Project Teams

BugBox System Requirements:

  • BugBox will run on most corporate PCs. Everything you need to get up and running is included
  • HDD requirements will vary depending on number issues / projects – but for the initial install 170 MB of available hard disk space is required
  • Super VGA (1152 * 864) or higher-resolution monitor with 256 colors
  • While BugBox is a simple tool it requires MS Access runtime (which is including in the download). Installation of the runtime included with BugBox will not affect the operation of any version of Microsoft Access already installed on your computer.

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