BS25999 Lead Implementer Masterclass Reduced By £200

If your business suffered from a natural disaster or a major technology breakdown would you be able to continue trading? Would you have a clear plan of methodical steps to return to business as normal, as quickly as possible?

No organisation is immune to risks and disasters. IT Governance’s Lead Implementer BS25999 Masterclasss will enable you to identify potential threats to your business and create a framework for building resilience, mitigating risk and creating a disaster recovery plan that safeguards your critical assets.

We have also reduced our September BS25999 Masterclasss course by a further £200 to just £750.

Book The BS25999 Masterclass BS25999 Certified BCMS Lead Implementer Masterclass
27-28 September in London
RRP: £995.00
Price: £750.00
You Save: £245.00

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This unique 2-day training course in London is ideal for anyone who is responsible for ensuring their business responds to and survives from any form of disaster. It will provide you with real business benefits of business continuity planning and will enable you to implement your own business continuity project.

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