BS25999 Info Kit – PD 25111 and PD 25666

The BSI have recently published two documents (PDs) which cover the implementation and support of a business continuity management system (BCMS).

BS25999 Info Kit (PD 25111 and PD 25666)
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  1. PD 25111: Guidance on Human Aspects of Business Continuity – gives guidance on the planning and development of human resource strategies and policies for the key phases following a disruption.
  2. PD 25666: BCM Exercising and Testing – gives appropriate guidance to all organisations on performing exercising, including testing activities, for continuity and contingency programmes.

Benefits of purchasing the BS25999 Info Kit (PD 25111 and PD 25666):

  • Both these PDs include much of the how-to information that is missing from both BS25999 and BS25777, giving clear guidance on many important subjects. Reading these documents will improve the effectiveness of your BCMS and speed-up implementation.
  • All of the information in these PDs is official information from BSI, meaning it has been audited to ensure all the info inside is in line with both BS25999 and BS25777. This Provides a coherent framework for business continuity, enabling your organisation to recover quicker if the worst should occur.
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Alternatively, read on for more information about the importance of BS25999…

BS25999, the Business Continuity Standard, is of real importance to everyone from Board directors, corporate executives and IT managers through to facilities managers and business continuity professionals. Service disruptions, delays in responding to customer requests, inability to process transactions in a timely manner or being unable to resume business in the face of a disaster can all have significant impacts on an organisation’s effective operation. Recent natural disasters as well as terrorist activities have shown that an organisation’s resilience to a disaster and its being able to resume business quickly and efficiently were directly related to its preparedness to respond to unforeseen events.

In the UK, the NHS has determined that BS25999 certification is a key way for NHS entities to demonstrate that they adequately resilient, and UK local authorities have recognised the BS25999 certification is the best method possible for demonstrating they are meeting their obligations under the Civil Contingencies Act.

Internationally, organisations in both the public and private sector are pursuing BS25999 certification in order to demonstrate to stakeholders and customers that they have adequate business resilience arrangements in place.

Books, tools and other BS25999 business continuity management resources:

As well as purchasing the BS25999 Info Kit, you will benefit from using our BS25999 BCMS Implementation Toolkit which contains all the templates and tools that enable a BC manager to quickly and effectively implement a BCMS in line with BS25999.

You will also benefit by attending one of our Business Continuity Training Courses which will take you from theory to practice, offering the opportunity to question and pre-plan for business continuity in your own organisation using the standard and examples of good practice. You can book online, here and now!

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