BS25999 Certified Lead Implementer Masterclass

BS25999 gives public and private sector organisations the fundamental building blocks that will protect them from unexpected disruptions and discontinuities, or from breaches of statutory risk management and/or Civil Contingency Act requirements – exactly the re-assurance that your customers, investors and other stakeholders require!

The two-day, London based, BS25999 Certified BCMS Lead Implementer Masterclass provides comprehensive and practical coverage of all aspects of implementing BS25999 Business Continuity Planning for real and delegates receive the IT Governance BCM Certificate.

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BS25999 Certified BCMS Lead Implementer Masterclass – 8-9 February 2011 in London

BS25999 Certified BCMS Lead Implementer Masterclass If you’re responsible for ensuring that your organisation responds to and survives any form of disaster – from an IT service discontinuity to a major act of nature – this Masterclass covers all the key steps in using BS25999 best practice for your business continuity arrangements.

During this BS25999 Certified BCMS Lead Implementer Masterclass, you will learn:

  • The real business benefits of effective business continuity planning;
  • About the differences between BCM , DR & Operational risk management;
  • All about BS25999, and its value for BCM;
  • To understand the differences between BS25999-1 (Code of Practice) and BS25999-2 (Specification), and how to use each standard to best effect;
  • The six phases of the BCM lifecycle;
  • Understanding the organisation in the context of BCM;
  • How to prepare and carry out the Business Impact Analysis (BIA);
  • How to develop a BCM strategy – resilience and contingency planning;
  • How to create the BCM components – business continuity planning, organisation and communications
  • The importance of maintenance, testing and rehearsal;
  • How to embed BCM in the culture of your organisation;
  • What are the benefits of accredited certification to BS25999-2:2007, and the value of a BCM system based on a formal standard;
  • How to prepare for and achieve BS25999 accredited certification;
  • The resource requirements for a1n effective BCM framework, and
  • How to maximise the return on your BCM investment.

I’m pleased I attended this course at the start of our BS25999 project. I’m sure what we covered will prove useful.


Book your place on this valuable BS25999 Certified BCMS Lead Implementer Class today!