BS 31111: the new cyber security standard explained

Last month, a new British Standard was launched. BS 31111 is suitable for organisations of any type and size, and provides essential guidance for executive management to manage their cyber risk and resilience.

Best-practice framework to implement a cyber security regime

Cyber security is often managed solely by IT departments but, to be truly successful, risks need to be addressed by the wider organisation – particularly executive management, who have a key role to play.

BS 31111 provides organisations with a best-practice framework that supports top management in implementing an effective cyber security regime.

The Standard also enables better decision-making by providing an understanding of risks associated with cyber and information technology activities.

BS 31111 encourages the use of other management standards and frameworks, helping to develop a cyber risk and resilience regime that aligns with business objectives.

Benefits of BS 31111

BS 31111 brings organisations a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Good practice for boards, senior executives and risk managers;
  • Guidance on building cyber resilience;
  • An understanding of information technology risks; and
  • Evidence that cyber security measures are effective, resilient and mature.

How does your organisation measure up against BS 31111?

Now available to pre-order, the new BS 31111 Gap Analysis Tool will help you assess your organisation’s cyber security stance and establish areas in need of development.

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