Brand New M_O_R & Risk Management Starter Kit

The official M_o_R & Risk Management Starter Kit has now been released and provides a comprehensive introduction to M_o_R, to risk management, and the relationship between the two.

Official M_o_R & Risk Management Starter Kit

Official M_o_R & Risk Management Starter Kit
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The books within this kit are all official manuals from the OGC and are fully aligned with the 2010 version of M_o_R:

Key Features and Benefits:

  • All of the books within this kit are official books from the OGC, the creators of the M_o_R methodology. This assures you that both material within the books is relevant and authoritative.
  • Contans all the official books that are published on M_o_R. By buying this kit you are procuring the most comprehensive set of information on M_o_R available.
  • If you are looking to pass either of the M_o_R exams on the first attempt, buy this kit. All the books in this kit will give you the best chance possible of passing either exam at the first attempt.
  • These books also function as an ideal introduction to M_o_R and risk management. If you need help with writing a business case for M_o_R within your organisation, these books are an ideal source of information.

Effective management of risk is essential. Order this kit today and start managing risk effectively within your organisation!

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