Boost your reputation with Cyber Essentials

75.66% of SMEs have no employees other than the owner. These micro businesses contributed for 6.39% of the private-sector turnover in the UK (according to the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills).

They are an easy target for cyber criminals

Such small businesses have few resources, and cyber security is a business area they don’t think worth investing in because they don’t believe they’re a target for cyber attacks, as shown by the Small Business & Reputation Cyber Risk report.

That’s a huge mistake: other than losing information as consequence of a data breach, they put their most valuable asset at risk – their reputation. Customers’ trust is everything for their business’s survival – without it, customers will cut any existing relationship and spread negative feedback, reducing the SME’s ability to attract new clients.

Cyber Essentials is the cost-effective solution to improve cyber security

Even the tiniest organisation now has a cost-effective way to secure itself from cyber threats and boost its brand reputation. This is Cyber Essentials certification.

Implementing the five security controls can not only secure companies against around 80% of Internet-based attacks, it can also improve their business efficiency. How? Each step requires an analysis of assets and resources to check whether or not they need to be improved. In doing so, they will be able to assess the condition of their systems and networks, discover bottlenecks or useless assets, and act accordingly to save money and time, and boost productivity.


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