Book of the month: The Tao of Open Source Intelligence

ddos-attack-protection-planOpen-source intelligence (OSINT) is a rapidly evolving approach to collecting information via the Internet, which doesn’t include your normal search engines.

OSINT includes all publicly accessible sources of information, such as:

  • Public data: government reports, speeches, press conferences, budgets, debates, etc.
  • Observation and reporting: satellite photography, radio monitors, satellite observers, etc.
  • Academic literature: papers, conferences, etc.
  • Deep web

Author podcast

Stewart K. Bertram, author of The Tao of Open Source Intelligence, recently sat down with us to discuss his book. Listen below.

The Tao of Open Source Intelligence

August’s Book of the Month, The Tao of Open Source Intelligence, will be your comprehensive guide to deep data collection, helping you gather intelligence and protecting your business from cyber attacks.

Your guide to cutting-edge information collection

Written by Stewart K. Bertram, a career intelligence analyst, this comprehensive guide covers:

  • the tools and investigative approaches to conduct OSINT research;
  • how to scrutinise criminal activity without compromising your anonymity;
  • deep-web social media platforms;
  • safe practices.

“…timely and indicative of the new world order for intelligence.”

Chris Holtom CBE


Perfect for analysts and those in the cyber security industry, this cutting-edge guide will be the key to helping you collect information to benefit your business.

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