Beyond ITIL, the emergence of pragmatic service management

Back in 2012 I wrote a post on IT Governance’s blog titled “Taking IT out of ITSM: The re-emergence of service management and delivering value”. This post dealt with the re-emergence of service management over ITSM and the delivery of IT services that add value.

So what has happened in the field of ITSM in the intervening years? Quite a lot, it would seem. From discussions I have had with SM practitioners, there appears to be a renewed focus on leveraging multiple frameworks over just utilising ITIL®.

More and more, organisations are looking to leverage the parts of ITIL, COBIT 5®, ISO/IEC 20000 and other approaches to build a cohesive service management system that works for them rather than just trying to ‘implement’ or adopt ITIL.

In a lot of ways, it is this pragmatic approach that continues to drive the re-emergence of what we know as service management. By taking such a pragmatic approach, focusing on what is practical for them rather than focusing on one particular framework, the service management professionals in these organisations are at the forefront of a service management revolution.

More and more practitioners are recognising the importance of delivering value rather than the framework they are using. In order to meet the demands of end users, we need to focus on pragmatic service management.

Learn more about a pragmatic approach to service management in Pragmatic Application of Service Management by Suzanne Van Hove and Mark Thomas.

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