Best Selling Governance Toolkits for USA Organizations

Our latest two toolkits are proving a very popular amongst organizations across the globe and are fast becoming our two best sellers in the USA:


Social Media Governance Toolkit

The ITG Social Media Governance toolkit helps organizations create an effective governance structure around their social media activies. Social media is, for many organizations, a critical part of how they speak to customers, partners and stakeholders; for others, social media are a dangerous distraction.

The ITG Social Media Governance Toolkit contains a comprehensive suite of documents and templates that will help you develop, implement, monitor and improve social media activities across your organization.

The documents in this Social Media Governance Toolkit fall into three groups:

  1. Documents for creating a social media governance framework, including a comprehensive social media policy that draws on established best practice and can be adapted for almost any circumstances, plus roles & responsibilities, communications & training, and metrics & monitoring;
  2. Documents that help embed crucial controls around social media, including an acceptable use agreement, template for legal guidance, branding & corporate style guide;
  3. Operational Guidelines that set out best practice for social media activity, including guidelines for internet postings, blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Improve Social Media Effectiveness while reducing risk

The templates and guidance in this toolkit should help an organization create an appropriate social media governance framework. It will help organizations identify appropriate social media objectives, as well as assign roles and responsibilities. It contains a full set of policies and procedures that help organizations implement appropriate acceptable use frameworks, reduce risk from the corporate use of social media while helping them integrate social media into their marketing, communication and positioning strategies.

Manage Social Media in your organization.

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SharePoint Governance Toolkit

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) is an immensely useful colloboration and information sharing tool for organizations, teams and workgroups. Poorly governed SharePoint deployments can create significant holes in organizational information structures as well as exposing the organization and its information to a wide range of risks.

The ITG SharePoint Governance Toolkit contains a comprehensive suite of documents and templates that will help you implement and maintain an effective and secure SharePoint service in your organization.

This toolkit is applicable in all SharePoint environments – MOSS 2007, MOSS 2010 – and the toolkit contents draw on a wide range of established best practice, including Microsoft guidance.

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