Being watched on the train? Don’t feel flattered, it’s your data they’re after!

filterEvery time I’m on the train, I can’t help but notice how many people are using their laptops to do work. You may think that this won’t cause a problem, but what if someone were to be watching you whilst you’re accessing confidential files on your laptop? That will cause a problem.

Data isn’t marked confidential for you to just access it in public in plain view of anyone; it’s marked confidential for a reason. If you handle confidential information, then you should treat it as confidential. You need to keep it out of the public’s eyesight; don’t leave it unattended and be aware of your surroundings when accessing it.

There are some situations however, where it’s not always possible to do these things. For example, if you have to do a bit of work on the train which contains some confidential data, then you can’t always hide your screen from potential peekers.

I lied.

You actually can.

The Black Privacy Filter from 3M allows you to work on your confidential data without people being able to read your screen. The micro-louvre black-out privacy technology means that people either side of you won’t be able to see your screen, thus allowing you to access files in confidence.

And if blocking out those side viewers isn’t enough, you can even block out those behind you with the 3M Gold Privacy Filter.