Become DPA Compliant with our March offer. Avoids fines and brand damage.

All UK organisations must comply with the Data Protection Act (DPA). Failure to do so could incur a monetary penalty of up to £500k from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

If you have any budget left for this financial year and want to get on top of this compliance issue, don’t delay in purchasing the Complete Data Protection Toolkit. It only costs £156 and gives you a complete do-it-yourself solution.

As an additional benefit, when you purchase the Complete Data Protection Toolkit during March 2012 we’ll send you a free Cyber Security Self Assessment Tool, which will enable you to assess the overall security posture of your organisation!

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Complete Data Protection Toolkit Complete Data Protection Toolkit
Buy today and get a free Cyber Security Self Assessment Tool!

Price: £156

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The Complete Data Protection Toolkit provides all the tools and resources you need to carry out your own DPA project and become compliant quickly and cost-effectively.

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Ensure you organisation avoids fines and brand damage and become DPA Compliant today.