Be persuasive; get ISO 27001 buy-in

Selling information security, particularly ISO 27001, to the board can be challenging, to say the least. Getting management commitment is one of the hardest tasks you’ll need to undertake before the implementation process begins, so research, make sure you’ve got your facts straight, and be persuasive.

You know ISO 27001 is right for the business, but how can you convince senior management that it will benefit the business, reduce costs (let alone risks) and bring in new clients?

Persuading the board to invest in information security measures requires sales skills. Many information security professionals are typically scientific and technical specialists, but you need to get the message across to people whose primary interests lie elsewhere: in turnover and overall performance. In other words, you need to develop sales and marketing skills.

In order to win management over, you need to:

  • truly understand information security and the possible breach scenarios that your organisation is facing;
  • present a compelling business case that you can really sell to the board;
  • understand the project ahead of you and the demands it will make on the business .

The ISO 27001 Expertise Bundle will help you recognise all of this and more as you go about gaining investment and buy-in for your ISO 27001 project.

Gain investment and buy-in for your ISO 27001 project

ISO 27001 Expertise BundleWith useful case studies to demonstrate the true damage information security breaches and cyber crime can cause, as well as a guide to give you essential sales skills that you can use to persuade company directors to commit money and resources to your information security initiatives, this bundle will equip you with the information and skills you need to convince the board to invest, and with the first steps to take once you have the seal of approval.

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