Basildon Council fined £150,000 for data protection breach

Basildon Council has been fined £150,000 for publishing sensitive personal information in a planning application.

An Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) investigation found that the council had breached the Data Protection Act (DPA) by publishing the names and ages of the family members, and the location of their home on a planning application, which was made publicly available on the council’s website. The application also detailed the family’s disability requirements, including mental health issues.

‘Serious incident’

According to the ICO investigation, on 16 July 2015 Basildon Council inadvertently published in full a statement supporting a planning application for proposed works on green belt land. An inexperienced council officer reportedly didn’t notice the personal information in the statement, and there was no procedure in place for a second person to check it. The information remained publicly available until 4 September that year, when the concerns came to light.

“This was a serious incident in which highly sensitive personal data, including medical information, was made publicly available,” said ICO enforcement manager Sally Anne Poole. “Planning applications in themselves can be controversial and emotive, so to include such sensitive information and leave it out there for all to see for several weeks is simply unacceptable.”

The council argued that it had not been allowed to redact personal information from such documents under planning law. However, the ICO rejected that claim, saying planning regulations don’t override people’s fundamental privacy and data protection rights. It also said that the publication of planning documents online was a choice, not a legal requirement.

“Data protection law is clear and planning regulations don’t remove an individual’s rights,” Poole added. “Local authorities and, indeed, all organisations must be certain that their internal processes and procedures are robust and secure enough to ensure that people’s sensitive personal information is protected.”

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