Balancing Risk and Reward

In today’s information economy, the protection of information assets is a key element in the long-term competitiveness and survival of commercial organisations. As a senior manager of your organisation, you will be aware that information security is rapidly becoming a critical corporate discipline alongside marketing, sales, HR and finance.

How can you assess the risks associated with cyber crime?

Information Security Management can be defined as:

‘The protection of information from a wide range of threats in order to ensure business continuity, minimize business risk, and maximise return on investments and business opportunities.’
(ISO/IEC 27002:2005)

The later part of this definition is frequently overlooked by IT Managers who will often recommend security testing and remedial solutions that will protect your information but may not necessarily result in any substantial return on investment (ROI).

Achieving the Risk and Reward Balance

The assessment and management of risks associated with your information assets are crucial to the success of your business. The adoption of an appropriate balance of risk and reward should now be an essential part of your business plan.

The IT Governance 360 Degree Cyber Security Assessment Package is designed to provide your organisation with a complete information security assessment and provide key information to help you assess the risks associated with cyber crime. Product Title

This package offers a suite of dedicated solutions which include:

  • Vulnerability Scanning – fully automated scanning to identify and report on the complete range of potential weak points in your system.
  • Penetration Testing – with the knowledge of your key vulnerabilities and your permission, we will use ethical hacking techniques to identify how weakness can be exploited.
  • Web Application Testing – given that 70% of commercial cyber attacks use vulnerable Web applications, we will test weak points such as shopping carts, online forms and blogs.
  • Social Testing – while the cyber risks from external sources are high, the risks from ‘white collar crime’ committed by staff and associates within your company are even higher.

360 Degree Cyber Security Assessment Package

Routine assessment of your IT system and information security management is the only way of establishing that your networks and applications are genuinely secure against today’s automated cyber risks.

For more details on how we can help you balance the risks and rewards in your business plan and how you can book your 360 Degree Cyber Security Assessment Package, please visit our dedicated Cybersecurity Web Page: Helping you assess the risks associated with cyber crime.

360 Degree Cyber Security Assessment Package

PS. For a more detailed understanding of risk assessment, we can recommend the purchase of ‘Information Security Risk Management for ISO27001 / ISO27002’ by Alan Calder and Steve Watkins which is available exclusively from the ITGP Book Store.