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You will of course know that all Public Sector organisations are required by law to be compliant to the Data Protection Act 1998.

But did you know that public sector organisations are more likely to be fined for data breaches than private sector companies? Research published in April by ViaSat, highlighted that between March 2011 and February 2012, a total of 730 data breaches were disclosed to the Information Commissioner’s Office, of which 467 were from the public sector and 263 from private companies.

The result was a total of £790,000 in fines against 8 local councils in England, Wales and Scotland, but only one £1,000 fine against legal firm ACS:Law.

The majority of these organisations had already signed up to the Data Protection Act but had failed to ensure that that their practices associated with processing personal information were actually implemented.

Put more simply. All Public Sector organisations must ensure that their staff are trained and kept aware of their DPA responsibilities on a continual basis or risk heavy fines from the ICO.

DPA Foundation Course DPA Foundation Course
18 September 2012 in London

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The IT Governance DPA Foundation course is a 1-day session designed to provide you and your staff with a full knowledge of the 8 Principles of the DPA and the practical advice to ensure that all practices associated with processing personal information are implemented and maintained on a continual basis. The course is delivered by our Senior DPA Consultant, Ralph O’Brien who has been a DPA practitioner since 1998 and was a co-author of the ACPO Data Protection Audit Manual used by the majority of UK police forces.

Ensure Your Organisation is Fully Compliant to the Data Protection Act.

Book on the DPA Foundation training course online today.

We frequently see organisation sending multiple delegates onto this course and while this can be beneficial, it could be more cost effective to buy an in-house training course. Our trainer can attend your offices and train your entire team in complete confidence.

You may wish to also consider our DPA staff awareness e-Learning package as a quick, affordable and effective means of delivering training to multiple learners.