Avoid a DPA breach – encrypt your data with a SafeStick

Failure to encrypt confidential data, stored on USB sticks and laptops, is a breach of the DPA…

It seems the public sector need to take this issue more seriously…

A recent report from Big Brother Watch uncovered ‘more than 1000 incidents across 132 local authorities, including at least 35 councils who have lost information about children and those in care’.

435 of these cases involved the loss or theft of unencrypted USB sticks, laptops or mobile devices. The ICO’s Acting Head of Enforcement, Sally Anne Poole, states that the ICO’s position on encryption is clear:

‘All personal information – the loss of which is liable to cause individuals damage and distress – must be encrypted. This is one of the most basic security measures and is not expensive to put in place – yet we continue to see incidents being reported to us. This type of breach is inexcusable and is putting people’s personal information at risk unnecessarily’

Ensure your data is encrypted with the SafeStick

SafeStick (FIPS 140-2 USB Stick, Various Capacities) SafeStick (FIPS 140-2 USB Stick, Various Capacities)

Price: £76.50

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SafeStick is CESG approved and features FIPS 140-2 certified hardware encryption, far stronger than software encryption. The Safestick is almost indestructible and in the event of loss or theft, you can remotely ‘kill’ a stick. SafeStick is government approved and is the NHS USB stick of choice.

SafeStick is compatible with the holy trinity of operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux) and is so user friendly that you can have your data protected within minutes of plugging it in.

Keep personal data safe with the hardware encrypted Safestick