Austerity means vulnerability, so don’t cut on your training budget!

When austerity measures cause organisations to scrimp and save, they can become more vulnerable:

  • Information security and business continuity risks become harder to manage because nobody is keeping watch,
  • Countermeasures weaken because nobody has the time to maintain them and
  • Incidents can be mismanaged, because nobody knows how.

If the objective of reducing costs in times of austerity is to assure the organisations’ survival, maintaining core operations at the expense of risk management could be a false economy. For example,getting rid of life boats will make a ship lighter and more agile, but they’ll be sorely missed if the ship hits a rock.

Professional staff training often suffers first. It’s like switching off the lights to save money; sure, money is saved but nobody can see what they are doing. Without training, everyone stumbles around in the dark.

An investment in professional training can be an excellent investment in reducing vulnerabilities, by empowering staff with skills the organisation needs to manage risk and survive the unexpected. Training in management systems and auditing can increase an organisation’s ability to survive austerity by:

  • reducing risks of product recalls, returns and service outages using ISO 9001. Losing customers in times of austerity is like sailing towards the rocks;
  • reducing risks of information security breaches using ISO 27001. Compromising personal information and incurring fines from the Information Commissioner’s Office is like throwing the passengers off the ship to save weight and sail faster;
  • planning for disruptive incidents using ISO 22301. Neither bad weather nor the economy respect austerity, and failing to plan for disruption is like approaching a storm and tossing the life boats off the ship to make it float better.

Booking onto a training course, exactly when times are hard economically, is money well spent and you can expect return on investment sooner than you think. On the one side, providing employees with additional skills can increase their motivation and commitment. On the other side, you ensure that you have the in-house expertise to protect your organisation from risk and achieve competitive advantage by implementing internationally recognised management systems.

Surviving in times of austerity involves more than reducing spend. It means recognising that as everyone scrambles to survive, accidents are more likely and so dispensing with lookouts, lifeboats and light will make the ship more likely to sink. This means maintaining all the skills necessary to get the ship to where it’s going, intact, and with all the paying passengers on-board.

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