Are you up-to-date with ISO/IEC 20000?

ISO/IEC 20000 is an important international standard for IT service providers, but if you don’t keep up-to-date with the standard, then you may as well be sitting in a dark room with your eyes shut and the world passing by without you in it.

A little extreme I know, but keeping up-to-date with the ISO/IEC 20000 is an important part of the standard. The standard was revised earlier this year in April 2011 and includes a number of changes:

  • An expanded introduction, additional requirements and updated definitions section
  • Closer alignment with ISO 9001 QMS requirements and ISO/IEC 27001 ISMS requirements
  • New requirements for the management of new or changed services have been added
  • A refinement of the scope of the SMS and the oversight (governance) process managed by other organizations
  • Problem Management and Incident Management processes have been aligned with ITIL®v3
  • Revised and more in-depth requirements on supplier contracts
  • Added requirements on budgeting and accounting

To ensure you are up-to-date with these changes read the international Standard ISO20000 (ISO 20000) IT Service Management. This document contains both main parts of the revised and updated standard.

Make sure you’re up-to-date with the ISO/IEC 20000 Standard


Implementing Service Quality based on ISO/IEC 20000

For help on implementing the updated standard, take a look at Implementing Service Quality based on ISO/IEC 20000. This step-by-step management guide will benefit all who have a role in the implementation and certification process, giving a clear and detailed breakdown of the 2011 edition of the Standard.

Implementing Service Quality based on ISO/IEC 20000

  • Gives a clear and detailed breakdown of the 2011 edition of the Standard.
  • Identifies the role of ISO/IEC 20000 and other related standards, as well as ITIL and COBIT and the relationship between them.
  • Establishes the importance of a service management system and gives practical recommendations for its implementation.
  • Offers an explanation of the individual processes outlined in the Standard and gives clear guidelines for their implementation.

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IT Service Management Toolkit

Although the above guide gives a full overview on how to implement the standard, the IT Service Management Documentation Toolkit provides all the templates and customised documents needed for implementation. Developed by IT service management gurus Shirley Lacy and Jenny Dugmore, this toolkit helps organizations implement ITIL® v3, or use ITIL v3 to prepare for successful ISO20000 certification. It will help organizations avoid costly trial-and-error dead-ends, and ensure everything is covered by using current ITIL best practices.

IT Service Management Toolkit

  • A model Service Management Policy
  • A pre-written Service Management System Manual
  • AService Management Plan Template
  • A Service Level Agreement Template
  • Over 400 pages of fit-for-purpose information
  • 100 pre-written policies, procedures, templates and guidance

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ITIL Countdown – 17 days to go!

Yes, the countdown begins until the ITIL 2011 updates are released on 29th July.To ensure immediate dispatch upon release:

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